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Road Freight - Inland Trucking Service

As Nora lntemationai Forwarding, we have devised lnland Trucking Department to perform on-carrige to deliver your import cargoes to final destination and pre-carriage to receipt of your export cargoes from place of shipment. Wth effect of the experience at following years, increasing volume and special contract, we provide competitive rates with fast and reliable service.
We carry on to creating the transportation alternatives with securing suitable truck and equipments as per the contents ol your cargoes with a proper and minimum costs.
We are improving our service quality with information services and " just-in-time” operations.
IZMIR (Head Office)
Alsancak Mah. 1479 Sk. No:15 K:4 D:21 Kristal-2 İş Mrk. Konak Izmir – Turkey
Tel: +90 232 464 56 60
Faks: +90 232 464 56 63
Egitim Mah. Poyraz Sk. No.14 Avrasya Is Mrk. K.2 D.29 P.K 34722 Kadıkoy Istanbul - Turkey
Tel: +90 216 450 66 72
Faks: +90 216 450 66 71
Boulevard de Gaulle, Gabode 5
PHN +253 21345952
FAX +253 21345790