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Nora Uluslararası Nakliyat Ltd.Şti. was established Izmir-Centered on 1997 with the title of being a company which realized first partial container importation from the Far East to Izmır Port.

On 2002, by activating exportation department it was combined with expertise exportation service in the field of importation. Nora Uluslararası Nakliyat which established its center in Izmir, it also activated ist Istanbul center on 2005. By using wide agency network and strong relationships with amateurs,  although its offices are in Istanbul and Izmır, it renders operational service from Mersin, Iskenderun, Antalya, Gemlik, Trabzon, and Samsun ports.

In addition to the service rendered in seaway, land department was established. Thus, final transportation in the importations and pre-transportation service in the exportations that they make to the customers have been rendered. Nora that achieved to gain contracted freights in highway that it has in seaway, helps its customers in abroad shipping in addition to pre-transportation/final transportation service.

Thanks to strong bond with IATA member agencies, the service has been rendered to the customers in air shipping in time and within short transit periods.

In addition to the services rendered in Sea, High and Air way, the service has been rendered to the customers in the field of multimodal transportation with handling project tasks.

It has been proceeding on its way as a company which is reliable, transparent and provides fast information flow and creates added-value in the sector with customer satisfaction oriented studies and software infrastructure and it will continue to proceed on ist way by being developed.


IZMIR (Head Office)
Alsancak Mah. 1479 Sk. No:15 K:4 D:21 Kristal-2 İş Mrk. Konak Izmir – Turkey
Tel: +90 232 464 56 60
Faks: +90 232 464 56 63
Egitim Mah. Poyraz Sk. No.14 Avrasya Is Mrk. K.2 D.29 P.K 34722 Kadıkoy Istanbul - Turkey
Tel: +90 216 450 66 72
Faks: +90 216 450 66 71
Boulevard de Gaulle, Gabode 5
PHN +253 21345952
FAX +253 21345790